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Upcoming Meetings


Monday, September 9, 2019, Lakeshore Middle School, 6:30 PM.


Monday, September 16, 2019, Cass County Health Dept. - Dowagiac, 6:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes

Fall General Meeting - 09/11/2017

General Housekeeping

The meeting was called to order by President Bruce Arter at 6:31 p.m. Bruce Alter greeted those in attendance. The FBOA purpose and objectives statement was read and discussed by Bruce.

Secretary Report

Secretary’s report by Mike Getty: Minutes from the previous general meeting/March 2017) were emailed to all members on March 21, 2017. No requests for corrections, additions, deletions, or other edits were received. The March 2017 Minutes were accepted as communicated. Minutes from the Summer Board meeting (held July 11, 2017) were emailed to all members on September 10, 2017. No requests for corrections, additions, deletions, or other edits were received. The Summer Board Meeting Minutes were accepted as communicated.

Treasurer Report

Treasurer’s report by Bruce Molineaux: Bruce distributed the attached copy of the transaction inquiry along with balance totals showing a balance of $2,068.28 as of September 11,2017. Bruce reported that Dave Buck advised him there is approximately $1,100 in the FBOA Pay Pal account from dues paid on line that will be transferred to Bruce for deposit. The report was approved. Bruce accepted dues at the meeting. Dues can also be paid on line.

Trainer Reports

  • Football Trainer’s report by Max Warriner: FBOA currently has no football trainer. Members were encouraged to seek rules meeting opportunities with the SMOA. Max is the FBOA’s designee for new recruits, and he has directed new recruits as appropriate.
  • Volleyball Trainer’s report by Dan Barz: Volleyball has had a very successful season. There will be a season-ending meeting on October 1,2017. Contact Dan for more info.
  • Wrestling Trainer’s report by Brian Kuemin: Brian noted that the wrestling officials are trying to team up w'ith the KMOA for joint training sessions.
  • Basketball Trainer’s report by Freddy Krieger: Freddy discussed the training goals for the upcoming season, his vision for training, and the MHSAA requirements for training. Basketball Rules Meetings have been scheduled for: October 22/23, 2017; November 12/13,2017; December 3/4,2017; January 7/8; 2018; and February 11/12, 2018. Note that these are all Sunday/Monday meetings to give as many basketball officials an opportunity to attend as possible. The “paired” meetings will cover the same material. Sunday meetings will be held at Michigan Lutheran, and Monday meetings will be held at Lakeshore Middle School. Start time is 7pm in all cases. Optional Ruiz Kool Meetings will be held: September 26 and October 3, 10, and 17,2017 at the Lincoln Township Library from 7pm-8:30pm. A Trainer’s Summit will be held October 7,2017 at WMU in Kalamazoo which Freddy will attend.
  • Baseball Trainer’s report by Dale Yoder: Baseball had a very successful 2017 season with many of its umpires getting State assignments (see the attached sheet). Dale worked both a semi-final and final. In addition, four of our umpires (Larry Brewer, Steve Petlick, Tom Russom, and Dale) worked the MHSBCA East/West All-Star game at Comerica Park. Baseball Rules Meetings have been scheduled for: November 8,2017; December 13,2017; January 10, 2018; February 7, 2018; and March 7,2018. Start time is 6:30pm. Meetings will be held at Steve Pet lick's home. Contact Dale or Steve for further details. Mechanics Clinics have been scheduled for September 17, 2017 and October 14, 2017, both at Noon at Lake Michigan College. Another has been scheduled for March 17, 2018 at Coloma IIS to start at 9am. Dale noted the successful effort last season regarding baseball umpires having worn a commemorative patch recognizing the passing of Mike Snyder which many, especially his family, greatly appreciated.
  • Softball Trainer’s report by Bret Damaske: Training meetings have been scheduled for: October 9,2017; November 6, 2017; December 4,2017; January 8, 2018; and February 15, 2018. Start time is 6:30pm for all meetings and will be held at Lakeshore Middle School.

Guest Speaker Report

Guest speaker report by Dave Buck: Dave has a speaker lined up for the November General Meeting and is in process on scheduling a speaker for the March General Meeting.

Assignor's Report

Assignor's report by Dave Buck & Terry Myers: Dave pointed out that the assigning function is kept separate from FBOA activities and is not run through the Association. The Varsity basketball schedule has been mostly filled. Sub-Varsity basketball assignments are typically held back to allow for assignments to newer officials. Those will start to go out soon. Mentors will again be used with brand new basketball officials. Dave is hopeful of picking up an additional school in the near future. Terry advised of opportunities in numerous sports with the new Benton Harbor A.D. He also encourage all umpires to attend the September 17, 2017 Clinic.

Website Report

Web report by Dave Buck: The website has been down an unusual amount lately. Dave is aware and has submitted a Support request which should have it back up shortly. However, if it is not addressed quickly and/or if it goes down again in the near future, Dave has suggested we look to a new host.

Fair Booth Report

Fair Booth by Freddy Krieger: Freddy reported on the Fair Booth that ran throughout the Berrien County Youth Fair in August. A budget of $750 was approved. Expenses were $745.99. The recruitment yield was 29 prospects who filled out cards. Prospects were immediately referred to trainers or individual sport contact people to assist the recruits in getting certified with MHSAA and getting set up in their respective sports of interest.

New Members

The following were accepted as new members: Gary Burkett; Ryan Woods; Scott Lanford; Todd Evans; Bernard Frazier; Joseph Brown; Joron Brown; Chris Glisson; David Waaso; William Turner; Nate Turner; James Henslee; and Kasen Kerns.

Old Business

Proposal for Recruitment Director: Freddy Krieger made a proposal to the Membership that a Recruitment Director position be elected by the Membership from a slate of candidates to be prepared by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee consists of the President, the Trustees, and Marc Kenyon and Loren Brown who volunteered for service on the Committee. A Motion was made to adopt the proposal. After discussion, the Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Mike Getty, Secretary.

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