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Upcoming Meetings


Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Martin's/Lincoln Twp. Library, 7:00 PM.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017, Martin's/Lincoln Twp. Library, 7:00 PM.


Monday, October 9, 2017, Lakeshore Middle School, 6:30 PM.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Martin's/Lincoln Twp. Library, 7:00 PM.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Martin's/Lincoln Twp. Library, 7:00 PM.


Sunday, October 22, 2017, Michigan Lutheran High School, 7:00 PM.


Monday, October 23, 2017, Lakeshore Middle School, 7:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes

Spring General Meeting - 03/20/17

General Housekeeping

  • The meeting was called to order by President Bruce Arter at 6:36 PM.
  • Bruce Arter greeted those in attendance. The FBOA purpose and objectives statement was read by Freddy Krieger.
  • The membership recognized the passing of FBOA long-time official Mike Snyder.
  • Secretary's report by Mike Getty: Minutes from the previous general meeting (November 2016) were emailed to all members on November 8, 2016 and again on March 15, 2017. No requests for corrections, additions, deletions, or other edits were received. The November 2016 Minutes were accepted as communicated.
  • Treasurer's report by Bruce Molineaux: Bruce distributed a copy of the transaction inquiry along with balance totals showing a balance of $3,104.58 as of March 20, 2017. The report was approved. Bruce accepted dues at the meeting. Dues can also be paid online. Dues are $25 if paid by June 1, 2017.

Trainer's Report

  • Football Trainer's report by Steve Petlick: Steve shared some thoughts on Al Nixon who passed away recently. Steve also stated he would like to get back to baseball training.
  • Volleyball Trainer's report by Dan Barz: Upcoming meetings over the summer are set for June 12, July 24, August 7, and August 21, 2017. Dan encouraged attendance at a volleyball clinic to be held at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids on July 21, 2017. Fee is $25. Contact Dan for more info and ride-sharing to the event.
  • Wrestling Trainer's report by Jim McCloughan for Brian Kuemin: Jim recognized the wrestling officials who worked state tournament events, including: Jason Maynard (District); Tod Kretchman, (District and Regional); Brian Kuemin (District and Regional); Tim Gean (District, Regional and State Final); and Jim McCloughan (District, Regional and State Final). Jim also announced he is retiring from officiating, having spent 25 years as a wrestling official which followed 22 years of coaching. Jim was recognized by the membership for his long service and for his upcoming receipt of the Medal of Honor for his heroic service in the Viet Nam War.
  • Basketball Trainer's report by Freddy Krieger: Basketball has just completed its season with Casey Caid having done a Class C Girls Semi-Final and Freddy Krieger having done a Class B Girls Final. Adjustments are being made within the group regarding training and teaching to ensure a succession plan is in place for those roles.
  • Baseball Trainer's report by Dale Yoder: All rules meetings for the season have been completed culminating in a clinic on March 18, 2017. Rules meetings will begin anew in November 2017. Due to attendance issues, Dale is willing to adjust the meeting schedule going forward and solicited input. A clinic for next year has been scheduled for March 17, 2018 at Coloma. Dale has contacted Mark Uyl at the MHSAA regarding Dale's idea for baseball umpires to wear a commemorative patch recognizing the passing of Mike Snyder and Al Nixon. The inquiry was well received by the state, and Dale will pursue obtaining the patches.
  • Softball Trainer's report by Brett Damaske: Two softball meetings have been held so far. Two more are to be scheduled. Terry Myers is sending email updates about the meetings, and Bret will get the dates to Dave Buck for inclusion on the website. Significant upcoming dates are April 1, 2017 for submission of schedules to the state for state tournament assignments, and April 13, 2017 for completion of the state rules test, completion of which is also necessary for state assignments.

Guest Speaker Committee

  • Guest speaker report by Dave Buck: Dave solicited suggestions from the membership.

Assignor's Report

  • Assignor's report by Dave Buck: Our local assigning group is no longer assigning volleyball. Other groups lost Cassopolis due to their conference move. We did gain Covert. Everything else remains the same. Max Warriner and Howie Jackson were recognized for their efforts in mentoring new basketball officials.

Website Report

  • Website report by Dave Buck: The website was down about a day prior to the meeting. Dave is aware and has submitted a support request.

Scholarship Committee

  • Dale Yoder reported that there was some confusion on the website over due dates for the scholarships. Eight applications were received, up from four the prior year. The committee anticipates selecting the winners within the next week. A motion was made for the FBOA to visit the winners for the purpose of obtaining a photograph to be distributed to local newspapers. After discussion, the motion carried.

New Members

  • Kevin Levine and Tim Simmons were approved as new members.

Lange/Kniola Sportsmanship Awards

  • Per vote of the membership at the meeting, awards were made as follows: Junior High winner was Brandywine (Lakeshore and Michigan Lutheran tied for second); High School winner was Michigan Lutheran (Bridgman second, three schools tied for third). A motion was made for the FBOA to visit the winners for the purpose of obtaining a photograph to be distributed to local newspapers. After discussion the motion carried.

Fair Booth

  • Fair booth proposal by Freddy Krieger: Freddy proposed the Fair Booth be authorized again with an $825 budget. The fair is scheduled for August 14-19, 2017. After discussion, the motion to fund the Fair Booth carried. Broader participation from the membership regarding hosting was encouraged. Efforts will also be made to include local coaches and athletic directors.

Proposal for Recruitment Director

  • Freddy Krieger made a proposal to the membership that a Recruitment Director position or a recruitment committee be created and elected by the membership. A motion was made to adopt the proposal. After discussion, the motion carried. Bruce stated the concept will be addressed by the Board at the Summer Board meeting.

Train the Trainers

  • Freddy Krieger advised the membership of the meeting which will be held in St. Johns, Michigan on July 29 or August 5. Attendance of FBOA trainers was encouraged.

Herb Quade Coach's Award

  • Bruce solicited nominations for the award. Those nominated and discussed were: Kevin Vanpeteghem, Varsity Baseball Coach at Coloma; Mike Welch, Varsity Softball Coach at Buchanan; Josh Hood, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach at Brandywine; and Mike Vota, Varsity Baseball Coach at Niles. After discussion, a vote was held. Kevin Vanpeteghem was declared the winner.

Closing Items

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM. Minutes submitted by Mike Getty, Secretary.