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Upcoming Meetings


Sunday, November 8, 2020, Location TBA, 6:30 PM.


Monday, November 9, 2020, Brewsters - Paw Paw, 6:30 PM.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Location TBA, 6:30 PM.


Monday, November 16, 2020, Brewsters - Paw Paw, 6:30 PM.


Monday, November 16, 2020, Lakeshore Middle School, 6:30 PM.

Meeting Minutes

Winter General Meeting - 11/18/2019

  1. Call to Order and Greeting - 6:30 by MGG.
  2. Reading of FBOA Purpose and Objectives - done by MGG.
  3. Secretary’s Report - Dan Barz - As distributed.
    1. 9/9/19 General Meeting - Approved.
  4. Treasurer’s Report - Bruce Mollineaux - Accepted.
    1. Credit Union $739.74 and PayPal - $1025.06 Balance.
  5. Recruiting Report (Ken Schmaltz absent working w/ Legacy officials) MGG.
    1. MHSAA Recruiting efforts for 2019-2020.
    2. Legacy Officials’ Program. continuing at BHS, encouraging other AD’s to do so with limited success.
  6. Constitution/By-Laws Review MGG - attachment with complete recommendations.
    1. See attached red line version with suggested changes (sent to Membership 11/14/19).
      1. Speakers - Delete statement, but still seek to get speakers.
      2. Associate Members - currently coaches and AD’s/Add Legacy, Others? To be done by membership?
      3. Returning officials not needing to pay for missing years as now required.
      4. Add Membership and Recruiting Coordinator as Board Member with duties.
      5. Vice-President Duties - Add assuring all awards are awarded.
      6. Trustees requirements
      7. Dues Payment June 1 - Move back to August 1.
    2. Trustees’ Comments/Bruce A, Rich A, Tom R, Max W.
    3. Officers’ Comments/Steve P, Dan B, Bruce M, Ken S.
    4. Member Comments
      1. Article 8 - recommend clean up wording.
    5. Refer to Constitution Committee for March 2020 meeting vote.
  7. Election Committee to be chaired by Freddy Krieger, Rich Albers and Tom Rivette members;
    1. Report on what will occur/on-line vote.
    2. Respond when called (see attached Nominating Committee Process).
    3. 2 more members needed.
    4. Look for information and online voting.
  8. Trainers’ Reports
    1. Football Steve Petlick
      1. Meetings at his house, clinic and Edwardsburg, meetings in Dowagiac and work with SMOA.
      2. Some crews and worked post season Keeping attendance for state eligibility. Max worked state finals. Terry - Shortage of officials, difficulty getting full crews for Fridays.
    2. Volleyball - Dan Barz - Meetings to be scheduled for next summer.
      1. Some served District matches.
      2. None beyond.
      3. Focus on preparing and equipping for advanced levels.
      4. Requires Rules meeting attendance, taking state test, submit varsity schedule and will work to get minimum varsity level matches.
      5. Focus on “Ball Handling” videos.
    3. Wrestling - Brian Kuemin - Postponed snowed out meeting conflict.
    4. Basketball - Freddy Krieger
      1. Working on training.
      2. Several potential new officials, but difficult to make the next step; get person responsible to help through steps.
      3. two rules meetings so far, package sent out and online training available.
      4. Referee Magazine another great resource; NASO adds benefits (includes free subscription to Referee)
      5. Court training at ML and LMS/LHS.
      6. Baseball Dale Yoder
        1. Nov. 13 first rules meeting.
        2. Dec. 11 will have Brent Rice present.
        3. Other dates as listed.
      7. Softball Bret Damaske
        1. 1) Meeting dates - nothing yet, Dec.2.
        2. Dates on website.
  9. MHSAA reminders
    1. Personal Attacks is to result in Ejection and Officials Reports needs to be filed exactly as stated. (pp. 14-17) Both verbal and physical attacks. Each sport needs to review application.
    2. Tournament Assignments/Turn in Schedule - Philosophy and Requirements (pp. 25-28).
    3. Meeting Review on MHSAA website - Need to do Rules Meetings.
    4. Testing on MHSAA website - Take test is you want to work state tournaments!
  10. Assigners’ Report Dave Buck/Terry Myers
    1. Middle School Basketball added at $25/game.
    2. Information on payment being sent.
    3. Mark Kenyon is assisting Dave, learning process.
    4. Varsity mostly assigned; Self-assigned opened for some events.
    5. Assignments are ongoing; Dec. 17 a busy night.
    6. Terry still getting baseball schedules, added more 8-man.
    7. Continuing to seek to add more schools.
  11. Web Report Dave Buck
    1. Working toward updated website - sportsmanship award; student scholarship; school AD, dues; inform Dave of anything.
  12. New Business/New Members
    1. Raymond McClure and Seth Jackson—paid but not registered Dues received from 2 unknown officials.
    2. Derek Janke - baseball, DJ Schmidt, Tanner Melvin, Randy Lonto, Christopher Davisson - [others who have paid] Moved, second and approved.
  13. Old Business
    1. Request for BB training materials.
  14. Good of the Association - MGG
    1. Discussion of official compensation - Can we as an association advocate for raises.
    2. Greg Sanders of Big Rapids and FBOA member made $75 donation for BB training.
    3. Thanks to football officials for working with early starts due to EEE.
  15. Adjourned at 7:43