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Upcoming Meetings


Sunday, October 20, 2019, Michigan Lutheran High School, 6:30 PM.


Monday, October 21, 2019, Lakeshore Middle School, 6:30 PM.


Monday, November 4, 2019, Lakeshore Middle School, 6:30 PM.


Sunday, November 10, 2019, Michigan Lutheran High School, 6:30 PM.


Monday, November 11, 2019, Lakeshore Middle School, 6:30 PM.


Monday, November 11, 2019, Brewsters - Paw Paw, 7:30 PM.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 2153 Arrowhead Trail - St. Joseph, 6:30 PM.

Meeting Minutes

Read Summer Board Meeting Minutes Here

Spring General Meeting - 03/18/2019

  1. Call to Order and Greeting - 6:34 (start time delayed to collect dues) by MGG.
  2. Reading of FBOA Purpose and Objectives - done by MGG.
  3. Secretary’s Report Dan Barz - As distributed in March 13 e-mail. Approved.
  4. Treasurer’s Report Pete Han - Basketball & Baseball checks written. $ 1341.31 in Checking + $490 in PayPal. Approved.
    1. Dues Payment can be made at meeting or on the Website MGG.
    2. Bruce Molineaux Review/audit the books with Pete? Accepted.
  5. Recruiting Report Ken Schmaltz.
    1. “Recruiting and Mentorship Coordinator” retitling position per MHSAA dictate for 2019- 2020 - Accepted.
    2. Fair Booth - Cost has been $750-825. Freddy willing to continue planning. Discussion of whether or not to continue annually. Having table at district tournaments mentioned. Suggestion of getting information to schools. Motion to not do the Berrien County Youth Fair booth in 2019. Passed. (To be brought up again next year).

      Ken gives some thoughts - encourages Legacy program. Time and some cost involved. How do we target 20’s?

      FBOA expresses appreciation to Freddy for the work he has done in setting up the Fair Booth.
  6. Trainers’ Reports
    1. Football: Steve Petlick - meetings at his house, clinic and work with SMOA.
    2. Volleyball: Dan Barz - Exploring home & multiple meetings.
    3. Wrestling: Brian Kuemin - [written report read].
    4. Basketball: Freddy Krieger - [written report read].
    5. Baseball: Dale Yoder - Finished rules meetings with about 15 present, 11 at Coloma clinic, exploring home meetings (Carson a possible host) and multiple meetings, post season nominees sent.
    6. Softball: Bret Damaske-None.
  7. Assignors’ Report: Dave Buck/Terry Myers - None.
  8. Web Report: Dave Buck - None.
  9. Scholarship Committee Report: Dale Y/Dan B/Daryl B - 2 applications from Bridgman - Savannah Tate & Caitlin Essig; Approved as Scholarship Award winners. Comments made on how word is shared with ADs - No change has been made from first years.
  10. Sportsmanship Awards: Mike Emerson.
    1. Walt Lange/Denny Kniola Sportsmanship Awards
    2. .
      1. Middle School: 3-Lakeshore/Bridgman, 2 ML, 1 -Upton chosen - Loren to present.
      2. High School: 3-Berrien Springs/Bridgman, 2-Edwardsbug, 1 -Michigan Lutheran chosen- Bruce M to present.
    3. Herb Quade Coach’s Award - nominees included:

      Mike Miller - Bridgman
      Joe Groh - Decatur
      Dale Beeney - Bridgman, LMC, Bangor
      Sarah Strefling - Edwardsburg
      *  Gregg Schafer - St. Joseph - winner, Loren Johnson will present.
  11. New Business/New Members.
    1. Award Presenters - Loren (St. Joseph) & Bruce M (ML).
    2. Business Entity Status for the Association - being pursued by MGG.
    3. Meeting Date Change? - March between seasons to be continued.
    4. Trainer Appointment - all ready to continue (Training certification is through 2021).
    5. Spending Authority: Up to $100 - by president/$101-$250 - approved by FBOA board/>$250 by membership meeting. [Q-Is a by-law amendment needed? Decided not needed] Moved & second, Approved.
  12.  Old Business
    1. Steve Petlick’s question re: MS Assigning fee Dave Buck - tabled to September meeting.
  13. Good of the Association
    1. MGG, Thanks Bruce After for assistance in doing President’s job - Bruce’s time, patience & knowledge appreciated.
    2. Karl Smith - expressed appreciation for those who have worked with 1st year officials. Camps were a great help he reported.
  14. Adjourned at 8:05.

Respectfully submitted, Dan Barz, FBOA Secretary

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