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FBOA Membership Information

The Fruit Belt Officials Association is an organization serving high school athletic officials in southwest Michigan. Our members referee and umpire the following sports: football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, baseball and softball. The mission of our group is as follows:

  • To provide training.
  • To provide a forum for regular rules and mechanics study.
  • To promote the positive image of officials in our community.
  • To promote members' growth by engaging speakers of interest.
  • To further our avocation by recruiting, training and integrating new officials.

Why Belong?

Being an active member of the Fruit Belt Officials Association is an opportunity to learn with, grow, and mentor others in the best officiating techniques for your sport. In addition, active membership in a local officials association is part of the "Code for Athletic Officials"  in the Michigan High School Athletic Association Officials' Guidebook and the MHSAA requires association membership for those seeking selection for a state tournament assignment. The MHSAA is increasingly looking to local associations for tournament recommendations. The FBOA each year updates our "Member in Good Standing" list with the MHSAA. This list is comprised of members who are current on dues and are active in our general and sport specific meetings.

General Meetings

The FBOA holds three general meetings a year (fall, winter and spring). These are for all members, regardless of sport. Roberts Rules of Order are followed at all general meetings, which are run by the group's current president. The president is responsible for the agenda, but members are free to bring up any "New Business" items as the meeting progresses. Some of the things that take place at general meetings:

  • Acceptance of new members.
  • Recognition of state tournament officials.
  • Committees formed to research or conduct association business.
  • Votes taken on association action items.
  • "New Business" items presented
  • "Old Business" items updated and/or resolved.

Sport Specific Meetings and Clinics

Five or more "sport specific" meetings are held each year in the six sports our officials work. Each sport has a designated "trainer" who is responsible for these meetings. Trainers do not necessarily conduct each meeting personally. However, he/she is responsible for ensuring that someone does run the meeting, and that each meeting has a specific lesson plan and goal. Typically these sport specific meetings occur "in-season," but trainers are free set the schedule to best suit the officials who work their sport. In addition to these meetings, which are held in a classroom environment, each sport typically has one or more scrimmages and mechanics clinics. These events help new officials get acclimated to the sport and allow veteran officials to get ready for the season.


Membership dues for the Fruit Belt Officials Association are due once annually. The cost to a new member is currently $25.00, regardless of the time in the year the new official joins. The fiscal year of the FBOA begins April 1st for the following school year. Returning members also pay $25.00, provided they pay the dues between April 1st and June 1st. Returning members paying their dues on or after June 1st are assessed a $5.00 late fee. Addition information on FBOA dues, as well as a place to pay them securely online, can be found on our "Dues" page.


Eight officers make up the Fruit Belt Officials Association Board of Directors, as outlined in our By-Laws. Six of these eight position are determined by a general election held every two years. These positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee 1 and Trustee 2. Popular vote is the basis for these elections. In addition, the President selects two additional members to serve as Trustees, bringing the total to eight. Consideration shall be given to try and ensure the Board of Directors has representation from all six sports the FBOA services.

Current Officers

President Dave Waaso
Vice President Marc Kenyon
Secretary Daniel Barz
Treasurer David Buck
Trustee Chris Falak
Trustee Roger Meier
Trustee Stephen Petlick
Trustee Max Warriner


Trainers are charged with coordinating meetings and education for members in their respective sports. They receive training through the MHSAA to aid them in this purpose. In some cases, we have more than one individual serving in this capacity.

Current Trainers & Coordinators

Sport Name Role Email Address
Baseball Dale Yoder Trainer and New Prospect Coordinator
  Steve Petlick Trainer
Basketball David Buck Trainer
Football Steve Petlick Trainer
  Max Warriner New Prospect Coordinator
Softball Bret Damaske Trainer and New Prospect Coordinator
Volleyball Dan Barz Trainer and New Prospect Coordinator
Wrestling Brian Kuemin Trainer and New Prospect Coordinator